About The Airport Economist

The Airport Economist is your guide to doing business in the Asian Century. Led by renowned economist Tim Harcourt, we’ll be visiting thriving markets all across Asia to find out what the emerging opportunities are for doing business there, how to get your foot in the door, learn from companies who are successfully operating there, as well as discover the local culture.

The Airport Economist is a television show and series of best-selling books which bring expertise and insight to global economics, business and trade. And this website will be the hub of all sorts of wisdom and insights to come from the TV show, our partners, and Tim’s observations while travelling the globe.

About Tim Harcourt

Tim Harcourt is The Airport Economist – host of the program and author of the books. Tim is the J.W. Nevile Fellow in Economics at the UNSW Business School. He was also the first chief economist of the Australian Trade Commission (Austrade) for over a decade.

Tim is currently the inaugural Adviser-Global Engagement to the Hon Jay Weatherill, MP, the Premier of South Australia – a position he holds on a part-time basis. He is also an Expert Panel Member, Minimum Wage Review, for the Fair Work Commission.

When not flying around the world, Tim teaches International Business at the UNSW Business School, in the AGSM MBA programme in Asia and Latin America. He is an active commentator in the Australian and International media on economic and trade issues and appears regularly on TV and radio, as well as in print publications.

Tim is the author of 6 books on international economy. His best known book The Airport Economist is a business bestseller and has been translated into several languages around Asia.

Find out more at his website TimHarcourt.com

About Pinstripe Media

Pinstripe Media is a media and production agency in Sydney Australia, specialising in business, finance and startup content. For over 10 years Pinstripe has been producing TV shows across Australia and Asia, digital publications, and content marketing campaigns for some of the world’s most prominent brands.

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